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School Days Photo Fundraiser

We at Cre8 Studios try and make sure that everybody we deal with gets a good deal when it comes to photography. A recent trip to the USA; Dallas in particular, i say recent, i mean every year at the same time, i attend a photographic convention and learn the new techniques and ideas from our American friends. I belong to the TPPA; Texas School of Professional Photographers and the PPA; Professional Photographers of America, why i hear you ask, because i find them first class educators and no hesitation to give out information, even on pricing. But enough of that.

I keep being asked about how we can make the School photo cheaper. I have had parents with multiple kids complaining that they 'just can't afford to buy all the image they want because they are too expensive'. Well, we are listening and think that we may have a solution. My American friends are fantastic at working out great schemes for parents, as they know, if you treat the parent right they will keep coming back.

I picked up this new idea from them, so i'm not taking any credit for it. A book of images is produced and sold with either a single or multiple images of siblings in and all for one low cost. That doesn't mean that you can't buy images singularly because you can, but that is more expensive if you wanted 3 or more images on the normal package; prices - a single 8x10 £15, 4 - 5x7 £9 each, 2 - 6x4 £7 and 8 wallets £3 each, total cost £89.

Cre8 Studios can do the same package for £24.99 and give your organisation; University, College, School, Pre School,Nursery, Sport Club or Society, a 20% discount to raise some funds for.

If you would like to book us for a shoot or send in your images for us to put them together in our package then contact us on either or call the lab on 01636 688577.

Cre8 Studios are a Fuji Lab.

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