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Setting up for Great Landscapes

We said we would bring you interesting Articles from around the world by scouring the web. Well here is another great Article; Setting up for Great Landscape PicturesPosted: 16 Jul 2016 02:27 PM PDT. Enjoy. Remember to visit for this full article.

Photographing landscapes is one of the most pleasurable kinds of photography. Not only do you have the chance to take beautiful pictures for your friends or office, but you can produce canvases, large prints, and even presents for people. How to take good landscapes depends on a few very significant things. The light you shoot in and your lens are the two primary features that generate stunning landscape photos.

“Golden Gate” captured by PictureSocial member Jim Rector

Two Ways to Take Better Landscape PicturesFirst, before I go into detail about these two techniques, let’s look at how to take photos of landscapes. You will need a digital camera that is able to be attached to a sturdy tripod. Then of course you need a tripod. A tripod is what provides you very sharp and clear images. We use a tripod for landscape scenes because we would like to be able to hold the camera free from camera movement. Having a camera that is completely at a standstill allows us to get tack sharp images in many different kinds of daylight.A shutter release cable is one more clever tool that is often a huge part of working out your landscape photography techniques. A shutter release cable is a little cable with a button at one end. You can join the cable into your digital camera and activate the shutter, simply by pressing down a push button on the end of the remote cable. It will mean that you do not have to come into contact with your camera whatsoever. This increases your chance of getting even sharper photos.

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